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Popular Diwali Gifts for Boss

The auspicious occasion of Diwali celebrated with much grandeur amongst Hindus is not only a festival encompassing tradition and rituals but also a celebration of love, bonding, togetherness and respecting each other’s values. Although our family and friends takes precedence in such celebrations, we also tend to create an automatic bond with the persons we work with in our professional lives, and who become part of our daily routine such as our colleagues, seniors and business associates. Often we find our boss in the role of our guide and mentor in office as we have our seniors at home. She/he can be tough as a nut at times but would also appreciate and encourage you to go that extra mile to reach a goal. Why not express your admiration and gratitude towards them this Diwali by presenting an exclusive gift letting them know how much you value her/him as a boss. Well there can be umpteen choices at hand, but when it comes to your boss you need to be more thoughtful while selecting the most appropriate gift that suits her/his personality. Here at awesomeji.com we have a huge collection of Diwali gift items to help you choose the perfect gift for your boss this Diwali.
Diwali Gift Ideas For Boss

Personalised Pens
Gifting your boss a branded pen or a pen set can be wonderful idea as it will be quite handy for her/him. A personalised pen engraved with her/his name on it or a special message that you would like to convey can also be a good option. Nowadays many branded pens like that of Parker, Cross and Sheaffer can be personalised. Look for one of those on our online store and make this Diwali a special one for your boss!

Personalised Clock and Pen Stand
There are varied ranges of clock and pen stands available our online store to choose from. A mega store would also offer you a personalised clock and pen stand. Choose one that suits your boss’ cabin. It will not only be of good use for your boss but will also be a gift of great appreciation being a personalised one bearing a message from you marking your appreciation towards her/him.

Personal Organizer
A personal organizer can be one of the most useful accessories that you can gift your boss this Diwali. The small and portable book or binder containing diary, calendar address book and other sections will help your boss to chalk out professional routines and appointments on a daily, monthly and yearly basis.

Personalised Business Card Holder
You can also gift your boss a personalised business card holder that is very much in at present. You can find such holders at reasonable price at awesomeji.com. These are also available in varied forms like leather card holders, designer card holders and metallic card holders. Just choose one that suits best with your boss’ personality.

If your boss is an avid reader then what better gift that you can think of than a presenting her/him with a book this Diwali. While selecting the book make sure that you keep her/his choices in mind. If you are not sure of his taste, you can go for a book on business affairs or else select a book about a great business tycoon or so. You can hand pick the books from our online store.

A Diwali Hamper
Well everyone appreciates pampering and believe us your boss too won’t mind having a bit of it this Diwali! As the festival is very much marked with indulgence in delicacies including snacks, sweets and other mouth-watering foods, gifting a Diwali hamper to your boss can also be a good idea. You can stuff a decorated basket with chocolates, dry fruits, sweets, snacks, some colourful Diwali diyas and aromatic candles and wrap it beautifully. Don’t forget to give a short and simple note with it conveying your gratitude for her/him. We offer huge collection of chocolate, sweets and dry fruits hampers that you can buy and send online to your boss!