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Popular Diwali Gifts for Husband

Diwali the festival of light, joy and prosperity is celebrated with great grandeur by Indians. A sense of togetherness prevails with family and friends coming together and sharing the joy of goodness and luck by conducting puja, decorating homes with diyas, exchanging gifts and relishing mouth-watering homemade delicacies. As exchanging gifts has become a part of this gala festival you must become very busy selecting appropriate gifts for family members, relatives and friends. In the midst of all this don’t forget to gift the most special person in your life without whom your life wouldn’t have been complete, we mean you’re better half. He is the person who walks with you in tandem in the journey called life, supporting and protecting you as a wall in bad times, advising you the best and sharing happiest moments of his life with you. Why not appreciate his love and continuous support with a special and memorable gift in this auspicious occasion conveying your gratitude and expressing him about the special place he holds in your heart and life. As the gift has to be a special one, you need to give it a good thought and then select the most appropriate one for your darling hubby. To make your task a little easier we have assorted some fabulous Diwali gifts that you may consider.
Diwali Gift Ideas For Husband

A New Outfit
The auspicious occasion of Diwali is marked with pujas when we usually wear new outfits. Thus presenting your hubby with an exclusive traditional wear like a sherwani or kurta complimented by dhoti or pyjama can be a good idea. However if he prefers western wears then go for T-shirts, shirts, jeans, jackets, blazers and suits among others. If he prefers a particular brand then you can give him a gift voucher and make sure that you accompany him to shop for spending a gala time together.

Personalised Photo Albums or Wooden Plaques
You and your hubby must have spent some very special and memorable moments in your married life that you hold very close to your heart and would like to cherish forever. If you have snaps of some of those fond memories you can recreate those nostalgic moments by creating a scrap book with some such photographs giving romantic and heartfelt notes for each. Your darling hubby will be really touched and elated. You can also engrave the pictures on a wooden plaque making a collage of such moments with a romantic message or poems imprinted and gift it to him.

Gadgets & Gizmos
At times you wish that your hubby would be a less gadget freak and gave you more attention. He would always keep tab of the latest gadgets available. Well in that case getting one of those new devices as a gift and that also from you will be a great surprise for him putting him on cloud nine. He would also appreciate your thoughtfulness and the way you care for his feelings. You can opt from a latest iPhone, a tablet PC, a laptop, an iPad, a digital camera, an iPod touch and many more. We at awesomeji.com have a huge collection of gadgets and gizmos that you can gift your hubby dearest this Diwali!

Grooming Kit
It is always he who pampers you. Why not make it the other way round this Diwali by gifting him a grooming kit that will be quite handy for him. Surely he will not mind at all being pampered after all men also likes to get pampered at times and if it comes from the lady-love then nothing like it! You can include shaving cream, aftershave lotion, perfume, balm, fragrant soap, shampoo, body wash, cream and many more in it.

Diwali Hamper
A Diwali hamper including a romantic greetings card, some chocolates, dry fruits, aromatic candles, one or two accessories like wallet, belt, pen and watch and one of his favourite books can be compiled in a decorated basket to gift him this Diwali. You can also include a DVD consisting of his favourite movies or songs in the hamper and make the gift more special and personalised by recording a romantic message in your voice in the DVD making him know the way you feel for him. He will be surely thrilled!