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Popular Diwali Gifts for Wife

Diwali, the festival of lights, colour, happiness and prosperity is one of the most revered festivals celebrated by Hindus worldwide. An atmosphere of social bonding and togetherness prevails with people decorating their homes with colourful diyas and Rangolis. Firecrackers are lighted by young and old, prayers offered, sweets and other delicacies are made at home and of course exchange of gifts take place wishing each other good luck. Planning for such grandeurs are done days ahead to make the occasion special and memorable for family members and friends. While you would be relieved that your wife is there to look after and ensure that most of the events of the D-day happens smoothly including the puja and she would also choose appropriate gifts for all, it might be that in the course of events she will be the one who will be left out. Why not make this Diwali a memorable and special one for her, who makes your world complete with unconditional love and support, by gifting a token of your love conveying how much you value her presence in your life! Here at awesomeji.com, we have presented huge collection of fabulous Diwali gift items for you to choose for your adorable wife and hope this Diwali brings lots of happiness in your lives.
Diwali Gift Ideas For Wife

As the auspicious occasion of Diwali is marked with pujas when we normally wear new outfits you can always consider presenting your wife with a new outfit. It can be a new designer salwar suit, lehenga choli or sari or otherwise exclusive traditional silk saris like Banarasi, Kanjivaram, Dharmavaram, Mysore silk, Sambalpuri or a Dhakai Jamdani. She will be surely elated and touched by your thoughtfulness. You can browse our online gifts store and order the gifts for your wife!

When it comes to gifting a lady you can always go for jewellery without any hesitation. There are umpteen numbers of jewelleries starting from gold earrings, bangles, neck pieces to diamond studded stuffs that you may consider gifting your wife this Diwali. Depending on how much you can splurge, choose an appropriate piece for her that you think will bring that invaluable smile on her face that you revere the most.

Grooming Kit/Vouchers
Amidst all the responsibilities and hectic schedule of your wife during Diwali, you surely would like her to look her best. Why not pamper your wife this Diwali by gifting her grooming kit including different kind of cosmetic and beauty products. Of course make sure that you choose products of the brands she usually prefers. Gifting your wife with a grooming voucher containing beauty packages from a well-known beauty salon or the one she normally visits can be a nice surprise for her.

A Tour Package
Gifting her with a tour package of one of her favourite destinations or the ones she longed to visit for quite some time would be a unique way of expressing your love and care for your adorable wife this Diwali. After all she will be delighted to spend some ‘we’ time with you in a romantic location with only the two of you, a gift that she would not only cherish for long but will hold dear to her heart than any other materialistic gift.

Diwali Hamper
A Diwali hamper including a romantic greetings card, beautiful flowers, variety of chocolates, dry fruits, aromatic candles, diyas, added with one or two accessories like sunglass, handbag, perfume and watch can be compiled and presented in a decorated basket to gift her this Diwali. You can also include a DVD consisting of her favourite movies or songs in the hamper and make the gift more special and personalised by recording a romantic message in your voice in the DVD making her know the way you feel for her. A wooden plaque engraved with a collage of pictures of some beautiful and memorable moments you two spent together along with romantic messages or poems imprinted in it can make the gift even more special and nostalgic. We understand it is a bit challenging on your part to do all these things that’s why we have assorted some really fabulous Diwali gift hampers that you can buy online for your wife.