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Popular Diwali Gifts for Girls

One of the most revered festivals of India, Diwali, is followed by Indians all around the world with great pomp and zeal. This festival of light that symbolises victory of good over evil is not only marked with traditions and rituals but witnesses a celebration of life among family, friends, relatives and associates representing a sense of togetherness and bonding. Houses are decorated with diyas and rangolis, near and dear ones come together and perform pujas, enjoy the homemade sweets and delicacies, light crackers and exchange gifts with each other wishing good luck. The young girls of the house remain very busy in decorating the house with colourful diyas, candles and rangolis, assist the ladies in puja arrangements and dress up beautifully in traditional wears to celebrate Diwali. She can be your daughter, sister, niece, neighbour or a little friend. If you are planning to make her Diwali a memorable one then why not surprise her with a special gift that she can cherish for long! Here at awesomeji.com we have assorted some really fabulous gift items that you may consider gifting the young lady this Diwali.
Diwali Gift Ideas for Girls

The auspicious occasion of Diwali is marked with wearing new outfits, a tradition that is followed for ages. Gifting the young lady with a new outfit can be a wonderful idea as she would love to be in her best this Diwali. She would be thrilled to get one of those designer lehangas or salwar suits or else try a sari for the first time! See what fascinates her the most and accordingly buy a new outfit keeping her taste and colour preference in mind and make her feel that she looks as pretty as ever in the new outfit.

It is said that when it comes to women nothing can make them happier then jewellery. We can follow the same mantra for the little ladies and opt for gifting them one this Diwali. You can go for umpteen numbers of jewellery starting from gold earrings, bangles, neck pieces to diamond studded stuffs depending on your budget. You can also go for imitation jewelleries that are very much trendy and goes well with the entire get up. These are available at our online store and you can get them at best prices.

Accessories and Cosmetics
Accessories play a great role in adding an extra charisma to one’s look and personality. Little ladies are not far behind! They have a whole gamut of accessories to choose from sunglasses, hair bands and clips, hand bags, hats, scarf, umbrellas and many more. Choose one that you think she would love to have. Added to that you can gift her cosmetics that suit both her age and skin starting from beauty soaps, shampoos, body wash, perfumes, nail polishes and others. Choose the one you want and order online with awesomeji.com

Soft Toys
No matter how old she is, a young girl will always love to have soft toys. If your loved one still prefers to cuddle a soft toy and even keeps it tight around her arms while going to bed then present her with one of these adorable gifts this Diwali. There are a varied range of soft toys available at our online store that are modelled on animals, fantasy characters, cartoon characters and many real life icons. You can also opt for a Barbie or a Cinderella which are timeless gifts for young girls.

Diwali Hampers
You can also opt for gifting a beautiful Diwali Hamper to the young lady. The hamper can include yummy food items like chocolates, sweets, snacks, dry fruits and cookies and exclusive Diwali items like decorated and colourful diyas and candles. Customised Diwali hampers in beautifully decorated baskets and potlis are also quite easily available these days at reasonable price. Don’t forget to complete the hamper with some sparkling fire crackers without which Diwali is never complete! To make your Diwali a special one, we have made several gift hampers that include chocolate hampers, sweets hampers and dry fruits hampers that you can buy online at awesomeji.com!