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Popular Diwali Gifts for Grandparents

Diwali is one of the prominent Indian festivals and is celebrated with great gusto and fervor by the Hindus. The whole of India can be seen shopping unrestrainedly for themselves and also for their near and dear ones during this festival. After all, Diwali comes once in a year and no one wants to miss the opportunity of showering their love and adoration upon their loved ones! People decorate their homes, wear new clothes, conduct pujas, prepare delicacies, exchange gifts and burst crackers. In short, Diwali is synonymous with festivity! So, this Diwali, surprise your grandparents in India, by sending some classy gifts from our online portal. Here, at awesomeji.com, we present to you a wide variety of gifts which you can buy at amazingly cheap prices! Do not waste time; send your grandparents Diwali gifts from awesomeji.com to avail the cheap and attractive offers.
The festival of Diwali symbolising victory of good over evil is one of the most revered festivals. This festival of light not only comprises of customs and traditions but also marks a time of celebrations, social bonding and togetherness with family and friends. Homes are decorated with colourful diyas, pujas performed, special homemade foods are prepared and gifts are exchanged wishing good luck to each other. These customs and traditions are instilled in us by our elders, especially our grandparents since childhood. Our grandparents are the backbone in our lives who give us the basic strength, fortitude and foundation to move ahead in the journey of life. Why not express our appreciation and gratitude to the oldest members of our family by presenting them with special and memorable gifts and spending quality time with them this Diwali as they used to in our childhood. In this way we can relive such rejoicing moments once again with them conveying the place they hold in our hearts and lives. As the gifts has to be really special, we have assorted a huge collection of Diwali gift items for you to choose for your darling grandparents and hope they cherish this Diwali with you like never before!

Buy Diwali Gifts Online For Grandparents

Lakshmi-Ganesh Idols/Coins
As Diwali is an auspicious occasion when we worship Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha, you can gift your grandparents exquisite idols of the deities that are available in different materials like metals, crystals and stones. You can also opt for gold and silver coins engraved with idols of the deities or with other auspicious symbols like Om and Swastik, which are considered harbingers of good luck. Your grandparents would surely be delighted to see the way you respect and maintain such traditions rooted by them in your childhood.

Wearing new outfits on Diwali, especially while offering puja has become a part of our tradition for ages and since childhood you must have received so many apparels from your grandparents in this auspicious occasion. Why not reciprocate the same happiness to them by gifting them exclusive designer outfits keeping in mind their taste and colour preference. A nice silk sari for your loving grandma and a sherwani or kurta for your grandpa complimented by either dhoti or pyjama would be a great idea. As Diwali is followed by the winter season you can also opt for exclusive Kashmiri shawls or other winter garments for your grandparents that will not only keep them warm in winter but will also make them content with your love and thoughtfulness.

Couple Watches
You can choose from a wide range of branded and exclusive designer couple watches to gift your grandparents. With the aid of technology you can make the gift more special by giving it a personal touch with a note from your heart scribbled on the watches. Your grandparents will not only be thrilled by the gesture but will also remember the good times they spent with you whenever they wear them.

Personalised Photo Album/Wooden Plaque
Our elders, especially grandparents always cherish the good times spent with family that often gets reflected from their conversations. Why not recreate such nostalgic and special moments of their lives this Diwali by collecting old and new photographs of your grandparents with the family and create a scrap book with the photographs giving heartfelt notes for each of them! You can also make a collage and engrave it on a wooden plaque with some special thoughts imprinted on it. Your grandparents will not only be elated but also become proud of the way you respect and adore family values.

Diwali Hamper
You can gift a hamper filled with sweets, dry fruits, snacks, colourful diyas, and some music CDs of their favourite songs to your grandparents this Diwali. Of course choose such delicacies keeping their health parameters in mind! You can get all these Diwali gift hampers online at awesomeji.com at discounted prices!