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Popular Diwali Gifts for Grandmother

Diwali, the festival of light and prosperity is not only one of the ancient Hindu festivals but also a time of social bonding, togetherness and gaiety filled with decorating homes with colourful diyas and rangolis, shopping for near and dear ones, lighting firecrackers with young and old, offering prayers, exchanging gifts and savouring special delicacies and sweets with loved ones. Remember as a kid your grandmother would tell you the stories about this festival and would teach you the traditions followed and make you those mouth watering sweets that you would savour for days. She would happily watch you lighting up the firecrackers and while you enjoy with the varied range of crackers she would silently keep watch that you don’t hurt yourself. Why not relive those days with your lovable grandmother this Diwali making her feel special and let her know how much you love her for her unconditional love and support she has showered upon you for years. Here at awesomeji.com we have a huge collection of Diwali gift items for you to choose for your dearest grandma and hope this Diwali brings lots of happiness to both of you strengthening your bond even more. Happy shopping!
Diwali Gift Ideas For Grandmother

Lakshmi-Ganesh Idols
As Diwali is an auspicious occasion when we worship Goddess Lakshmi, the idol of wealth and prosperity and Lord Ganesha, the Lord of knowledge and wisdom, gifting your grandmother with exquisite idols of Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha would be a great idea. These divine idols are available in different materials starting from plush white marbles to elegant crystals to shiny metallic forms. You can choose from our online store to get the perfect idols you think will bring smile to your grandmother’s face.

Gold And Silver Items And Jewellery
This Diwali you can gift your grandmother a gold chain with a small pendant etched with idols of Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha. Else opt from several other jewelleries like earrings, bangles, nose studs, bracelets and many more. You can also go for gold or silver coins with idols of the deities imprinted that are considered most auspicious for this occasion. Your grandmother would surely be delighted to see the way you maintain such traditions rooted by her in your childhood. We have a huge collection of jewellery items that you can buy online and gift to your dearest grandma!

If your grandmother likes reading then getting good books for her would be a wonderful idea. Of course keep a tab on her choices and then select the subject of the books. If your grandma has a religious bent of mind then you can go for books on Bhagwat Geeta, Vedas, Upanishads, Ramayana and many such others and if she is still crazy about the romantic novels and the detective stories, a secret that she shares with you, then definitely go for one of them!

Wearing new outfits in Diwali is a tradition that we follow for ages. Why not gift your grandmother a new silk sari this Diwali! As winter sets in after Diwali an elegantly embroidered shawl or a soft cardigan can also be your choice. These will not only keep her warm and cosy in winter but also drape her with the warmth of love you have for her reminding her about the way you care for her every time she wears those.

A Gift Hamper
Remember how you felt elated every time you received a chocolate from your grandmother or those extra laddoos and kaju barfis that she kept aside specially for you! You must have also waited for the new range of crackers that your grandmother promised to gift you the next Diwali if you do well in your studies. Well why not reciprocate the same this Diwali by giving a gift hamper to your adorable grandma who would be gladly surprised to relive those fine moments spent with you years back. You can buy a handcrafted designer potli or a decorated basket and fill it with chocolates, dry fruits, snacks, sweet boxes, colourful diyas and some lighting crackers and gift it to your darling grandma. We have made several chocolate, sweets and dry fruit gift hampers for you this Diwali so that you can order online and send them across to your near and dear ones!