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Popular Diwali Gifts for Kids

Diwali, the festival of light, colour and vivacity is celebrated by one and all, but when it comes to kids no one can match their energy and enthusiasm in enjoying the festival to the fullest! These little ones remain very excited about the festival as they get a freehold of indulging into the various kinds of mouth-watering sweets and snacks, the gifts received from their parents, grandparents and numerous other relatives and not forgetting about the varied range of crackers that await them to be lighted on Diwali. Apart from the material things, they also get a glimpse of the age-old traditions and rituals followed by elders while their grandparents tell them the tales behind this festival of grandeur. Although you get hundreds of gift items for kids, it is advisable that while buying one you must keep the knack and preference of the kid in mind as a repeat or boring gift can mar their excitement. Here at awesomeji.com, we offer a variety of Diwali gift options and you can choose the most appropriate gift for your kids to make this Diwali an even more special one for them.
Diwali Gift Ideas For Kids

Toys can always get precedence when gifting a kid as these never become enough for the kids to enjoy and play with! While buying toys this Diwali, keep in mind the age and gender of the kid. In case of toddlers, these little bundles of joys would be delighted at the same time amazed to get different form of soft toys starting from animals to fruits and veggies to the animated cartoons they often see nowadays on-screen. As for the little girls what better than a doll like Cinderella, Snow White or a Barbie or even better a doll house and for the little boys you can opt for cars, robots, and heroes like Spiderman and Superman among others. So what you are waiting for, just browse the most appropriate Diwali gift and buy online with us!

Wearing new outfits on Diwali is a tradition that we have been following for ages, so you can also opt for a nice traditional outfit as a gift for the kids. While you know the exact size required for your kids, when it comes to gifting other kids in your family make sure you know the right size before buying as an unfit dress can mar the kid’s excitement. Lots of traditional and trendy outfits are available to choose from. You can consider lehangas, salwar suits or even a readymade sari for the little girl and sherwani, kurta pyjama and dhotis for the young boys.

Books can be a nice Diwali gift item for a child and if your kid takes an interest in reading and knowing new things then what better gift than a book can bring a smile in his face. Before buying a book know what interests him/her the most. You can choose from fantasy and fairy tales like Alice in Wonderland, Cinderella and Snow White to adventurous books like Hardy Boys, Famous Five, and Adventures of Tintin to sci-fi books like Harry potter and A Wrinkle in Time. For school going kids you can also go for a dictionary, an encyclopaedia for children, an atlas or knowledge bank books that are available for kids of all ages.

DVDs and Video Games
You can also opt for DVDs for children starting from the educational ones to musicals containing songs and rhymes from books, to children’s movies like The Lion King, The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, The Jungle Book and many more. You may also consider gifting them video games which will no doubt put them on cloud nine but make sure that any video game displaying even a little bit of violence is a big no-no.

Diwali Hampers
This Diwali you can gift a Diwali Hamper to kids, which can include yummy yet healthy food items like homemade chocolates, sweets, snacks, dry fruits and cookies. Customised healthy food hampers in beautifully decorated baskets are also available these days at reasonable price. Diwali is never complete without those sparkling fire crackers and who else than kids enjoys it the most. So complete your Diwali hamper with varied range of crackers that are suitable for kids. Choose from a variety of Diwali chocolates, sweets and dry fruit hampers at awesomeji.com and make this Diwali very special for your child!