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Popular Diwali Gifts for Sister

The best way to buy the perfect Diwali gift for your sister is to ask her what she wants. Contrarily, if you want to give her a surprise gift, you have a hard task at hand. Today the market is full of so many varieties of traditional as well as modern gift items that it is easy to get lost. Yet, one has to start somewhere. Being a loving brother, you surely have some inkling about her likes and dislikes. It is important to keep them in mind. Also consider your sister’s age and her marital status. You can buy anything for your unmarried sister; but if she has a family of her own, customs demand that you give her something traditional. Are you already confused? At awesomeji.com, we help you pick the perfect gift for your sister.
Diwali Gift Ideas for Sister

Let us start with sarees; the traditional dress adored by all Indian women. Indeed, you can never go wrong if you can select a gorgeous saree for your sister. Modern girls love to wear traditional dresses on special occasions and Diwali being a traditional festival, she will probably love to dress up in it. The problem is that they come in innumerable varieties and colours. So, take your time to choose. Good news is that they are available online.

Salwar Suits & Lehangas
You can also gift her beautiful salwar suit or a lehanga. They are practical, yet traditional and elegant. Like sarees, they are also available online and so you need not hop from store to store looking for the perfect piece. Only remember that lehangas have now become a formal wear and therefore, it should be a little gorgeous. Contrarily, salwar suits can be worn on all occasions and so it can either be sober or gorgeous.

Western Dresses
If your sister likes them you may also opt for western dresses like jeans, pant suits, skirts etc. Like the rest, they are also available online. However, before you pick up one you must take note of your sister’s size. Too large or too small a size will not surely be appreciated.

Custom Jewelry
While traditional jewelries are all time popular, custom jewelries too have their own appeal. Initially they were made out of inexpensive materials and looked quite cheap. But today, they incorporate a wide range of materials such as gold or silver plated brass, vermeil or sterling silver, crystals, cubic zirconia simulated diamonds, and other semi-precious stones. More importantly, they come in a wide range of prices. Look for them online and you are sure to find something suitable for your sister.

Handbags & Designer Purses
You can also look for a set of handbags to go with her favorite dresses. They come in all kinds of materials, designs and price tags. Some are practical, made for everyday use; others are decorative and flashy, meant for use on special occasions. A good mix of such bags can be a superb Diwali gift. Awesomeji.com offers a wide variety of handbags and purses to select from.

Smart Phones
Smart phones are also a good choice. While this is truly a useful item, its appeal is not limited to its utility alone; it has also become a craze. Therefore, if your sister already has one, never mind; she will definitely welcome another; especially if it contains a few additional features.

If your sister likes to read you can also buy her a set of old classics. For example, books like Pride and Prejudice, Little Sister, Shanghai Girls, My Sister’s Keeper will make wonderful reading. If she has any interest in cooking, you can also buy her a set of cook books.

Chocolates & Sweets
Lastly, whatever you buy, do not forget to add a box of chocolates or sweets. She may grumble that they will make her fat; but she is going to love you more for it. At awesomeji.com we have a variety of chocolate and sweet hampers to choose from.