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Popular Diwali Gifts for Mother

Many people think that buying gifts for mothers are easy. Pick up anything and she will accept that with a warm smile. Yes, mothers are a special breed; they are happy to receive whatever you give them because to her, you are the best gift that God has bestowed on her. But does that entail us to be so careless? Remember how she went through dozens of stores to buy you the perfect birthday gift? Today we are lucky in the sense that we do not have to walk a mile among the jostling crowd for that. Everything is available online and all you need to do is to discreetly find out what she wants and then search online at your own leisure. Having said that, we must agree it is not always possible to know what she exactly wants. At Awesomeji.com we help you pick up the perfect gift for your mother.
Diwali Gift Ideas for Mother

Sarees & Salwar Suits
There are few women, who do not appreciate a gift of saree or salwar suit. If you are buying one for your mother, make sure it is something she can comfortably wear. Why do not you look for a chanderi or a chiffon? They are gorgeous; yet comfortable to wear. There is actually no point in buying something which, in all probability, will remain hanging in her cupboard.

Stoles & Shawls
Stoles and shawls also make beautiful Diwali gift. The right kind of stole thrown over the shoulder not only accentuates the apparel, but also keeps the wearer comfortably warm. However, if you are looking for something that she can wrap around herself, buy a shawl. They come in wide range of colors, designs and materials; therefore, do take time to choose.

You may also pick up an elegant piece of jewelry for your mother. Everything, from pure gold to sapphire and peal sets, is now available online. They come in every kind of designs and price range. All you need to do is to find enough time to go through their catalogue and then decide. You are sure to come across something that your mother will simply love. Add a Rajasthani meenakari jewelry box if you wish.

Handbags & Clutches
If you want to gift her something small yet beautiful, you may also look for handbags and clutches. They also come in wide variety and so you need to decide what kind of bags will suit your mother best. The price range for a decent handbag may start at around Rs. 500 and then go up to Rs.2000 or more. At Awesomeji.com we have a variety of handbags and clutches to choose from.

You can also gift your mother a cosmetic set. If she prefers the natural look, you can go for anti ageing creams and similar products. Do not forget to add a bottle of exclusive perfume. It is going to steal your mother’s heart.

Smart Phones
Smart phones will also make a nice Diwali Gift. Do not hesitate even if she is not that tech savvy. If she could teach you the three Rs, she will surely be able teach herself how to use the gadget. Such phones are necessity if she is a career woman; but more so if she is a homemaker. It will open up a new horizon for her.

Home Décor Items
Your mother may also appreciate decorative pieces as Diwali gift. Try a marble statue of Lord Ganapati or a bronze statue of Natarja. You can also look for a beautiful ceramic vase to keep on the center table. Awesomeji.com has a rich collection of décor items related to Diwali.

If she is fond of art work, beautiful paintings, both on canvas and cloth, are available online. Try batik paintings on cloth. Depending upon size and intricacies of the design, they may cost anything between Rs.500 to Rs.2000 or more.

Your mother may also appreciate a beautiful dinner set that she can proudly display in front of her guests. If you wish, you may go for traditional stainless steel sets for more mundane use or for bone china sets, suitable for more formal occasions. Microwave proof crockery sets are also a good option; they are not only beautiful, but also very convenient.