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Popular Diwali Gifts for Father

For most of us, Diwali is a time for worship and prayer; it is also the time for fun and laughter, for buying gifts and meeting people. However, getting the ideal gift for somebody you care is a tricky job and choosing the right gift for your father is doubly so. That is mainly because fathers very rarely give any inkling about their likes and dislikes. In fact, in the course of bringing you up, his own likes and dislikes may have taken a back seat. That is why it is essential that you try to find out what he would like to have. It need not always be expensive; to most fathers it is the thought that matters. In fact, if you ask them, they may just ask for your company. While that is the best gift that you may give to your father, let us also look at something more tangible.! At awesomeji.com, we help you find thousands of Diwali gifts for your father!
Diwali Gift Ideas for Father

Shirts & Kurtas
He may have innumerable shirts and kurtas; but is there a particular stripe or design that he had admired sometime in the recent past? Think hard! If he had, you may get something similar to that, even if you do not find the exact replica. You can also try online; you may get the right thing at the right price.

Now that winter is knocking at the door, you can also buy him a new shawl. Today, stores are full of shawls with interesting colors, designs and materials. Some of them are made from pure wool and are very warm; others, made from synthetic yearn, are less so. Choose the material that would suit your father best.

Perfumes and Colons
If your father likes them, you may also go for perfumes and colons that smell strong and manly. However, while buying these products, take care to note that they are meant for men. Also try aftershave lotions of reputed brands; they also make nice gifts.

If your father loves reading, books can be a good choice. Here too, you need to pause and think. What kind of books will interest him most? What if he already has the book you are planning to give him? Therefore, it is wiser to make a discrete survey and then choose. Try classics if he is the literally type; modern writers may also appeal to him. For the religious, a set of Upanishads may appeal more. Think and then buy.

CDs and DVDs
CDs and DVDs are good choice if he likes music. Try the old numbers; the ones that he used to hear as a young man; they are likely to appeal to him more. However, that is not to say, numbers by modern generation singers and musicians are big no-no. Get them if you believe that he is going to like that; after all good music transcends the age bar.

Smart Phones
You can also try smart phones. You father may already have one, but who would not like to have a brand new smart phone that comes with all kinds of user-friendly apps and a perfect in-built camera. To add a personal touch, you may also upload his favorite songs in it.

Personalized Glasses and Mugs
If you father appreciates good wine, you may buy him a set of personalized wine glasses. If he does not drink, you can also try personalized coffee mugs. They do not cost much; but requires special attention and that might appeal to your father more. We at awesomeji.com help you choose personalized gifts for your father.

Clocks & Watches
A good wristwatch may also make good gift. However, if you are looking for something fancy, you may also try an old fashion cuckoo clock or something like that. Indeed, if you go online, you may be amazed to find different varieties of ornamental clocks at a reasonable price.

Sweets & Dry Fruits
You can also order a packet of delicious sweets or a dry fruit hamper for him. It is true that your father will not be able to eat them all by himself; but he is sure take pride in distributing them. Incidentally, diabetic sweets are also available online and if he diabetic, you can look for them. At awesomeji.com you can choose from a variety of sweet and dry fruit hampers.