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Popular Diwali Gifts for Teenagers

Diwali the festival of lights, happiness and prosperity representing victory of good over evil is a Hindu festival celebrated with great enthusiasm and gaiety since time immemorial. It not only marks a legacy of following our culture and tradition but also a great opportunity of meeting and celebrating with near and dear ones, many of whom we meet after long gap. Rejuvenating the joyous moments with family and friends gives us the new zeal and energy to move ahead in our otherwise routine life. When it comes to a teenager sibling or a nephew or niece, the gusto and energy they display reminds us of our own good old carefree days filled with high spirits! Let us relive those moments with these young hearts in our family by presenting them some fabulous gifts this Diwali and revere their excitement added with the sparkles in their eyes. As teenagers are very particular about their interests and choices a little bit of homework on these aspects is always a good idea before selecting their gifts. At awesomeji.com we have a wide range of Diwali gift items that you can chose and order online.
Diwali Gift Ideas For Teenagers

Teenagers are very particular about what they wear and how they look and keep tab of latest fashion and trends. As the auspicious occasion of Diwali includes wearing new outfits you can select a good designer wear for them. A traditional outfit like a lehenga choli, a salwar suit or a designer sari for the girl and sherwani or kurta with pyjama or dhoti for the boy would go well with the occasion. However if they prefer western or other trendy outfits then you can go for numerous range of clothing available with our online store.

Gadgets and Gizmos
You would often see your younger brother or sister or other teenagers in family showing interest in any new gadget that you or any senior in the family have purchased. Or else they would tell you about the latest iPhones or iPods they have seen in their friend’s place elucidating enthusiastically about the new features available with such devices. They would enjoy music from their iPhones or iPods with their earphones on for hours or fiddle with their gadgets every now and then. Thus gifting them such a device this Diwali, of course that befits their age and your pocket, would be a wonderful idea. You can get best deals on gadgets and gizmos this Diwali on awesomeji.com!

Sports Kits, Gears And Passes
If they are into some kind of sports or crazy about one then gifting a sports kit can be a great idea. There are various sports kits available like cricket kit, lawn tennis kit, table tennis kit, badminton kit, roller skates and many more. Even sports accessories like sports shoes, back packs, water bottles, sunglasses, timer watches, caps and hats and health supplements can make him/her thrilled. You can also gift the teenager a pass of an upcoming match of his/her favourite sport.

DVDs, Video Games, Movie Passes
You can also opt to gift them DVDs consisting of their favourite movies and music and can also consider gifting video games. Presenting a set of open tickets or passes of their favourite movie theatre can also be a good idea.

If the teenager you are considering has a hobby of reading then present him/her a book. Although before buying it would be great to check the subject of his/her interest. If that is not possible then general story books, adventurous books, sci-fi books, biographies of great personalities, management books, encyclopaedia or a book on general knowledge and current affairs can go well with this age group. In case the little lady is nowadays showing knack in cooking and preparing new recipes, you can gift her good recipe book and if the little man is a sports fanatic gifting a yearly subscription of one of his favourite sports magazines will be a great option.

Diwali Hampers
You can always consider gifting a beautiful Diwali Hamper to the teenager. The hamper may include chocolates, sweets, snacks, dry fruits and cookies in addition to colourful diyas and fire crackers. Customised Diwali hampers in beautifully decorated baskets and potlis are available in plenty on our online store at awesomeji.com!