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Popular Diwali Gifts for Boys

Diwali is one of the most revered Hindu festivals and brings with it a celebration of togetherness and bonding. Houses are decorated with diyas and rangolis and friends and family come together and perform pujas, savour various homemade sweets and other delicacies and of course exchange gifts. A positive vibe prevails with such togetherness wishing good luck to each other thereby strengthening bonds. On this occasion you see the young boys all so busy to meet up with instructions of their mothers, grandmothers and aunts to help them organise a good puja and a gala Diwali party. Again, in the evening you will find them all ready with great traditional outfits and although they might be enjoying lighting up crackers with kids, family and friends, they could also end up making new friends! We hope you understand what we mean; after all they are the little men of the family! Let us double their happiness this Diwali by gifting them something special that will not only make them happy but also be of use to them. Here we share with you some fabulous Diwali gift items that you may consider for the young lads and make this Diwali even more exciting for them.
Diwali Gift Ideas For Boys

For ages we have worn new outfits on Diwali which has become a part of our tradition. Thus you can always opt for a new traditional outfit for the boy this Diwali like a sherwani dhoti or a kurta pyjama with exclusive embroidery or zari work befitting the occasion. However if the little man of the house prefers western wear then you can go for a T-shirt, shirt, jeans, jacket, blazer and suit among many others. If the boy is more comfortable with a particular brand then go for it or you can even present him a gift voucher of his preferred brand. You can browse from a variety of apparel options and buy online at awesomeji.com!

Personalised Watch
Gifting an exclusive watch this Diwali can make him feel so special. A personalised one with a special message engraved on it would be even better. Every time he will wear the watch it will remind him of love, affection and care you have towards him, which will inspire him to achieve the best in life.

Gadgets & Gizmos
Boys are very enthusiastic about new gadgets and gizmos and you will often find them hooked with the new gadgets. He always keeps tab of the latest devices available in the market, their functions and even their prices. Well if that is the case then what better gift can excite him more this Diwali than one such device! He will not only be thrilled but would also realise how much you care for him and his feelings. At our online gifting store, you can opt from the latest iPhone, a tablet PC, portable DVD players, a digital camera, an iPod touch and many more.

Books can become a person’s best friend and if your boy has a hobby of reading then you can consider presenting him a book. However while buying one keep his interest and preference in mind. It can be general story books, adventurous books, sci-fi books, biographies of great personalities, management books, an encyclopaedia or a book on general knowledge and current affairs. A yearly subscription of one of his favourite magazines can also be a good option.

Sports Kits, Gears And Passes
If your boy is into some kind of sports or crazy about one then gifting him a sports kit or a gear can be a wonderful idea. Even an accessory associated with it can make him thrilled. There are various sports kits available online such as cricket kit, tennis kit, badminton kit, roller skates and many more. You can also gift him a pass of an upcoming match of his favourite sport like cricket or football.

DVDs, Video Games, Movie Passes
You can also opt to gift him DVDs consisting of his favourite movies and music and also can consider gifting him video games. Presenting him a set of open tickets or passes of his favourite movie theatre can also be a good idea.